Saturday, December 17, 2011

Convoy - Alternity

Convoy never quite felt right as a car. He had always suspected that there was more to him than met the eye. His mother never talked much about his father, just that he was a Skyline GTR that crashed in an unremarkable race before Convoy was manufactured. He wanted to know more but she would always shrug him off, saying that racing wasn't going to take her son too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Razor Claw - Xevos

Seduced by war propaganda films like Underworld and Twighlight, Razor Claw joined the NALA (North American Lichen Army) to wage battle against the VLF (Vampire Liberation Front). He went in with visions of epic battles for the fate of Lichenkind and falling in love with Vampire defectors. It turns out that the Lichen - Vampire war is mostly dull bureaucratic posturing punctuated by the occasional rogue maiming. Most Lichens of the younger generation are growing weary of their ancestors long held grudge. The hatchet will most likely be buried in the next couple of decades.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mothra -Revoltech

Unlike most flying animals/monsters/deities/meta-humans, Mothra does not take her gift for granted at all. She is shocked and overjoyed every morning when she wakes up flying 40,000 feet over the Pacific. She takes every opportunity to lift boulders, boats, and small villages into the sky in hopes that they may experience the same sense of exhilaration. She has as much fun diving in and out of clouds as you did jumping in and out of ball pits at Hardees, probably more. 

Her followers sometime call her Queen Mothra, though her actual status in the cosmic power structure is unclear (kind of like Lord Vader). She knows exactly what her place is, but it's hard to translate into a human concept.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spider-man Minimates

 Green Goblin is one of Spider-man's oldest frienemies. They both started out their careers around the same time and have had to interface professionally on countless occasions. Spider-man was guilt-tripped by some poor decisions early on into using his powers for good, not evil. Goblin, on the other hand, likes to use his powers for Cray-Zee! He will act out on his every whim and ruin someone's day without thinking twice about it. He once cut the power to a mayonnaise storage facility on the hottest day of the year. Spider-man and Electro had to come out on a Sunday morning to fix it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dilophosaurus -Jurassic Park III

Dilophosaurus's frill neck is indicative of her very outgoing, attention-seeking nature. She loves to meet new people and make friends. Her flamboyant appearance serves the double purpose of attracting curious, like-minded weirdos, while repelling the stodgy squares that can't deal with her subversive nature. Most people know of her from her heartwarming appearance in Jurassic Park, a role that won her the 1993 Oscar for "Best performance by a monster in a sympathetic role".

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wafflebunny started her mercenarying career just after graduating Ninja Daigaku (Motto: Wha? Ninja who? Never heard of it...) with a major in Industrial Espionage and a minor in Performing Arts. During her junior year, she had a promising internship at Blackwater Security Consulting, but that didn't pan out for some reason. She is now under long-term contract with the research division of Biosyn corporation in Cupertino, CA. 
She has the gift of seeing the simple solution in a muddled, complex situation. This may be related to her lifelong hobby of naked-eye birdwatching. It makes her efficient in combat and ruthless in corporate politics.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jolt - ROTF

Jolt is a first generation cybertonian. In the pre-war days he worked as a door to door plasma-blade salesman. That experience sadly did not come in handy at all when Megatron started his insurrection. Thus Jolt came to America as a refugee. Earth television taught him two things, humans have a terribly unsophisticated sense of humor, and they are very hospitable to benign aliens. Unfortunately, Cybertron's distance from Earth meant that Jolt was about 30 years behind when it came to cultural attitudes. He had hoped he could more or less continue his way of life but everywhere he looked he was faced with prejudice as people told him that America used roads and he had better learn how to use them or go home. So he reluctantly transformed himself into a car in order to better blend in.  Also plasma blades are apparently a class 12 restricted substance so he had to find a new job (he's a Zipcar and occasionally delivers Pizza).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tunnel Rat Sigma Six

Tunnel Rat is a member of Sigma Six. He really loves being a part of a team, especially his role which is infiltration and sabotage. He loves the thrill of being somewhere he's not supposed to be, something he experienced as a child sneaking into rated R movies. He's well versed in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as plumbing. He learns a lot from the things he has to destroy. Occasionally he is so awestruck with the ingenuity of an opponent's contraption that he will leave a note for them to tell them how much he respects them and what they might improve in the future so he wouldn't be able to destroy it. He writes these notes on his wrist-integrated labelmaker.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gamera 1999

Gamera is a giant flying firebreathing sabretooth turtle. He used to be into making human friends but got disenchanted with them because they seem to hate the earth so much, he kind of loves the earth. He was born on this earth at the bottom of the ocean but all his family are dead, that's why he's the only one around.