Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Razor Claw - Xevos

Seduced by war propaganda films like Underworld and Twighlight, Razor Claw joined the NALA (North American Lichen Army) to wage battle against the VLF (Vampire Liberation Front). He went in with visions of epic battles for the fate of Lichenkind and falling in love with Vampire defectors. It turns out that the Lichen - Vampire war is mostly dull bureaucratic posturing punctuated by the occasional rogue maiming. Most Lichens of the younger generation are growing weary of their ancestors long held grudge. The hatchet will most likely be buried in the next couple of decades.

Razor Claw spends very little time as a human. Like most contemporary werewolves, he realized that there's just not as much fun to be had as a human. Being human is mostly reserved for real estate transactions, internet, and showing up at town hall meetings to protest oil pipelines and snowmobile courses.

Xevos are a series of toys with interchangeable body parts. It also has some kind of game aspect to it with a sort of cylindrical, customizable dice. I have no idea what that's all about but I love that they can use each other's accessories and limbs. Since all of the joints are the same size, you can completely mix up the body parts. I like the angular, stylish sculpt.

Standing upright was once thought to be a gene defect, but it turns out it's just a biological preference like left handedness. It occurs in about 15% of Lichens. Standing upright tends to cause problems in the lower intestines, so Raz spends a couple days a week on all fours.

Werewolves have no artificially imposed sense of moral shame about their naked bodies. They find most clothes to be restrictive and boring, like covering a Corvette with wet toilet paper. Razor will wear baggy pants and a Jersey T around uninitiated humans just because he is cursed with extreme empathy and can feel their embarrassment.

His armor is a recreation of the armor used by his great grandmother, Rusty Claw. Using modern day fabrication techniques, it's a lot lighter than the old armor and will result in much less skeletal deformation. He arms only one side to allow for agility in the other arm. He alternates sides every few days to keep balanced.

Contrary to what his name implies, Razor's claws are as dull as seaglass. He used to sharpen them to impress his friends, but now he doesn't really feel like bothering with it. His ankles are really tough from holding up his body weight, but he's definitely going to get early onset arthritis.

His fangs betray his Vampire heritage. Just kidding, nobody cares, most lichens have a little vampire in them ;)

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