Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jolt - ROTF

Jolt is a first generation cybertonian. In the pre-war days he worked as a door to door plasma-blade salesman. That experience sadly did not come in handy at all when Megatron started his insurrection. Thus Jolt came to America as a refugee. Earth television taught him two things, humans have a terribly unsophisticated sense of humor, and they are very hospitable to benign aliens. Unfortunately, Cybertron's distance from Earth meant that Jolt was about 30 years behind when it came to cultural attitudes. He had hoped he could more or less continue his way of life but everywhere he looked he was faced with prejudice as people told him that America used roads and he had better learn how to use them or go home. So he reluctantly transformed himself into a car in order to better blend in.  Also plasma blades are apparently a class 12 restricted substance so he had to find a new job (he's a Zipcar and occasionally delivers Pizza).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tunnel Rat Sigma Six

Tunnel Rat is a member of Sigma Six. He really loves being a part of a team, especially his role which is infiltration and sabotage. He loves the thrill of being somewhere he's not supposed to be, something he experienced as a child sneaking into rated R movies. He's well versed in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as plumbing. He learns a lot from the things he has to destroy. Occasionally he is so awestruck with the ingenuity of an opponent's contraption that he will leave a note for them to tell them how much he respects them and what they might improve in the future so he wouldn't be able to destroy it. He writes these notes on his wrist-integrated labelmaker.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gamera 1999

Gamera is a giant flying firebreathing sabretooth turtle. He used to be into making human friends but got disenchanted with them because they seem to hate the earth so much, he kind of loves the earth. He was born on this earth at the bottom of the ocean but all his family are dead, that's why he's the only one around.