Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mothra -Revoltech

Unlike most flying animals/monsters/deities/meta-humans, Mothra does not take her gift for granted at all. She is shocked and overjoyed every morning when she wakes up flying 40,000 feet over the Pacific. She takes every opportunity to lift boulders, boats, and small villages into the sky in hopes that they may experience the same sense of exhilaration. She has as much fun diving in and out of clouds as you did jumping in and out of ball pits at Hardees, probably more. 

Her followers sometime call her Queen Mothra, though her actual status in the cosmic power structure is unclear (kind of like Lord Vader). She knows exactly what her place is, but it's hard to translate into a human concept.

Mothra doesn't understand future and past, only present, because she lives in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. Her consciousness is passed through her eggs into her children which are actually also herself. When she has twins there are three of her that all coexist. It may be hard for you to fathom being three beings at once, but it's hard for her to fathom being smaller than a cruise ship. She stopped holding onto her memories after about 7600 years because it was just too much and too boring. This makes her a little flakey, so don't make any plans with her.  She's more of a now or never kind of friend.

My best friend Wes brought Mothra to me from Japan. I'm a huge Mothra fan and painted her mural on my livingroom wall.
She is very well articulated, each wing moves independently. The neck, abdomen, legs and mouth also move. Revoltech refers to the line's proprietary clicking joints which supposedly never lose their grip, needless to say Mothra holds her pose very well.

Mothra likes to build her cocoon on the Tokyo tower, not only because it's red, but because it is the most conveniently located building of a size and shape that would facilitate her cocoon. She also likes to have an audience when she emerges a beautiful moth, she is a queen after all.

Her vast wings are a unique living ecosystem, home to approximately 8000 species. The majority are insects, but also many lazy birds who share her migration pattern and feed on the many insects. There are also fish that live in pockets of water that get caught in her fur. Many adventurers die every year trying to traverse her wingspan.

Mothra shares Gamera's love for all things Earthly. She makes trips to the moon so she can look back and see all that she loves as one beautiful spot in space. This love sometimes brings her into conflict with her rapacious frienemy Godzilla, who loves to destroy things. She has to nuzzle and wrestle him out of his angry mood and convince him to go back to swimming and sleeping. Godzilla resents her ever cheery nature, but knows that she has his best interests at heart.

Mothra's mouth can open and close so her musical chirping song can be heard by the entire city. Everyone is so happy to be woken up at 3am on a Wednesday.
She feeds on cosmic energy but likes to periodically exercise her jowls on forests, fish, and people. She likes the taste and sensation of eating but not so much the act of digestion.

Mothra is a passive deity and doesn't really understand prayer. She assumes praying is like gossip time. If you ask her to protect the city from Rodan, she will tell you all about how obnoxious Rodan was at the monster club meeting.

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