Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jolt - ROTF

Jolt is a first generation cybertonian. In the pre-war days he worked as a door to door plasma-blade salesman. That experience sadly did not come in handy at all when Megatron started his insurrection. Thus Jolt came to America as a refugee. Earth television taught him two things, humans have a terribly unsophisticated sense of humor, and they are very hospitable to benign aliens. Unfortunately, Cybertron's distance from Earth meant that Jolt was about 30 years behind when it came to cultural attitudes. He had hoped he could more or less continue his way of life but everywhere he looked he was faced with prejudice as people told him that America used roads and he had better learn how to use them or go home. So he reluctantly transformed himself into a car in order to better blend in.  Also plasma blades are apparently a class 12 restricted substance so he had to find a new job (he's a Zipcar and occasionally delivers Pizza).

Jolt was largely neglected in the second Transformers movie, I imagine it went something like this:
GM: Hey we're betting the future of our company on this awesome electric car, do you think you can put the Volt in the movie? 
M. Bay: Does it burn through gas like I burn through slow motion shots of hot babes sweating?
GM: No, it's electric...
M.Bay:... yeah... well... I'll see if there's somewhere I...can... I'm not making any promises.
GM :(

Being both a fan of the Chevy Volt and Transformers, I had no choice but to get Jolt, despite this terrible looking promotional image:

In reality Jolt is not a dumpy barrel chested robot with gumby arms. He's actually pretty awesome.

The Volt is Chevy's new electric car. It can go 40 miles on a full charge and has an on board gas generator if you need to make longer trips.
Jolt is naturally hot rod red, but found that electric blue brought down his insurance costs.

Jolt has a relatively simple transformation. He has a hard time telling his left from his right when he's in car form, mostly because it involves him essentially lying on his back. Partially because he doesn't have a thumb and index finger.

The panels on his back fold up nice and tidy. He thinks it's lazy when other transformers ignore the aesthetic of their back while choosing their composition.

His hand/claw is pretty lame. Luckily he has barbed spears that more than make up for them.

His feet have very strong ankles which allow him to run pretty fast.

Jolt loves to breakdance, his favorite movie is Step Up 3D.

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