Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wafflebunny started her mercenarying career just after graduating Ninja Daigaku (Motto: Wha? Ninja who? Never heard of it...) with a major in Industrial Espionage and a minor in Performing Arts. During her junior year, she had a promising internship at Blackwater Security Consulting, but that didn't pan out for some reason. She is now under long-term contract with the research division of Biosyn corporation in Cupertino, CA. 
She has the gift of seeing the simple solution in a muddled, complex situation. This may be related to her lifelong hobby of naked-eye birdwatching. It makes her efficient in combat and ruthless in corporate politics.

Her training in stage fencing only comes in useful when her enemies aren't trained in real fencing (thankfully often).
If anyone ever caught her sneaking around, they would probably tell her that her urban-camo leotard does nothing to conceal her presence. But they never catch her, so she doesn't know.

She has thigh-strapped CamelBak® water pouches, adequate hydration is key to a happy and successful mission. Her boots offer great agility and protection, she got them on Etsy.

I got Wafflebunny in Japan in December 2007. She is part of some series of figures with interchangeable accessories and bodyparts. Wafflebunny was actually only sold as a head and accessories, her body came as part of Juvisy (a figure I'll cover later).

Her bluetooth infrared bunny goggles allow her to plan out infiltrations, keep track of enemy movements, activate security countermeasures, request evac, make hotel reservations, order ammo online, and tweet corporate secrets.

Wafflebunny enjoys rock climbing both professionally and for sport. She speed dates competitively, and holds the record for most dates in Cupertino in 2010.

 Espionage involves far less hanging upside-down than what popular films would have you believe.

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