Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dilophosaurus -Jurassic Park III

Dilophosaurus's frill neck is indicative of her very outgoing, attention-seeking nature. She loves to meet new people and make friends. Her flamboyant appearance serves the double purpose of attracting curious, like-minded weirdos, while repelling the stodgy squares that can't deal with her subversive nature. Most people know of her from her heartwarming appearance in Jurassic Park, a role that won her the 1993 Oscar for "Best performance by a monster in a sympathetic role".

 Dilophosaurus wasn't always so sociable. She was pretty shy in her younger days. In middle school she met a very cool Pachycephalosaurus. This new girl was very blunt and could approach anyone with reckless abandon. D was very envious of P's social bravado. She taught D that you shouldn't care what people think, but it's important to care how people feel. D was very appreciative of their summer together; she knew that their friendship was genuine, because P wouldn't waste time feigning interest in anything. When Pachycephalosaurus moved away, Dilophosaurus decided to befriend as many great people she could find, and emulate the best qualities in them (which can be difficult sometimes when the best quality is a 6 inch razor sharp toe claw, or spiked tail).

 Dilophosaurus is vaguely athletic, not regularly participating in any sport, but leading an active lifestyle, hiking, running, jumping, climbing trees and swimming. She occasionally hunts, but releases her prey if they're pregnant or she's not hungry.
D lives in a barge home on the Mississippi river. She designed it to look like a Jawa sand crawler, and named it the Jawa swamp trawler. She hosts some pretty cray-cray parties that occasionally end up in the river. She really loves to see her friends making new friends at her parties.
She's not really aggressive except when she's flirting and enjoys a good bite or scratch in the courtship process. She got her hip tattoo for Jurassic Park, she's ambivalent about the choice. It was a very important event in her life but it doesn't define her. She just thinks of it as a reminder of a funny time in her past.

I bought Dilophosaurus shortly after JP3 came out. This is the third dilophosaur toy I've bought and I believe that's all of the Dilophosaurus figures from the JP line excluding repaints. This is by far my favorite because it has a good agile sculpt and frill. I had to cut the frill in order to make it removable but it's very stiff and easy to reapply.

 Her arms and stance aren't great for hugging, but she's into nuzzling with her dazzling double head crest. She sometimes tends to spittle when she's chatting, so she voluntarily had her poison glands removed.

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