Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gamera 1999

Gamera is a giant flying firebreathing sabretooth turtle. He used to be into making human friends but got disenchanted with them because they seem to hate the earth so much, he kind of loves the earth. He was born on this earth at the bottom of the ocean but all his family are dead, that's why he's the only one around.

Show that pie tin who's boss!
He loves to vacuum, not only because it gives the satisfaction of making a large amount of debris uniformly disappear, but he also likes to make patterns in the carpet. Squeegeeing provides a similar sense of joy, it's his favorite way to shine up his shell, but he doesn't have to do it very often because the centrifugal force of his spinning in flight removes most debris and/or monsters from his shell.

Gamera's shell is well sculpted. Faceted in an aggressive style.
In the movie Gamera would vent through his shell in flight.

 I got this Gamera in Japan in Summer 2000 at toi za rasu. He's vicious like his movie counterpart, he has spikes coming out of his elbows, knees, mouth and spleen! His hand is interchangeable with a plasma hand but I apparently interchanged it too much because the joints about to tear :(

He can see his friends yonder.

The undershelly is also great looking.

His left elbow had this ambiguous shape to it that allows you to position it in two ways without ruining the contour of his arm.

Great hinging on his jaw.

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