Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tunnel Rat Sigma Six

Tunnel Rat is a member of Sigma Six. He really loves being a part of a team, especially his role which is infiltration and sabotage. He loves the thrill of being somewhere he's not supposed to be, something he experienced as a child sneaking into rated R movies. He's well versed in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as plumbing. He learns a lot from the things he has to destroy. Occasionally he is so awestruck with the ingenuity of an opponent's contraption that he will leave a note for them to tell them how much he respects them and what they might improve in the future so he wouldn't be able to destroy it. He writes these notes on his wrist-integrated labelmaker.

I bought Tunnel Rat a few years ago. I was never a fan of GI Joe but I really enjoy the aesthetic of this line. I was drawn to Rat in particular because of his hat and goggles(MIA) and because he seems to take himself much less seriously than the other Joes.

He bought his beanie on clearance. It was marked down to $20, 
but rang up as $7, it was a good day.

Rat is very proud of his Zune media player, also embedded in his gauntlet.
He likes to listen to Bjork, because it sounds like she is singing directly to him.
He's also getting into dubstep but the bass can dull his senses so he avoids it when he needs to stay alert.

He didn't get to choose his suit color but he really loves the two tone grey and burnt sienna.

His awesome spiky hair is natural. A blessing from his mom's side.

The stress of combat leaves Tunnel Rat with little appetite. That's why he is so thin. He's not happy about it but he tries to keep in good spirits. His squadmates appreciate his charming sense of humor.

He has a lot of accessory ports which make him very versatile. 
He rarely uses accessories but it's nice to know they're there.

Rat is very proud of his awesome boots.
Though they are pretty uncomfortable.

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