Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Violator III

Yes, Violet is aware she has an underbite. It's pretty bad. She's tired of hearing about it and kind of resents that people focus on it. Being born in hell, she is a melting pot of physical deformity. She also has generally asperous teeth, class 12 psoriasis, halitosis, severe osteoporosis, and lacks any gender definition. She's the stuff of nightmares and that is where she meets most of her friends. In most dreams, people tend to misrepresent themselves, and also forget what they dreamed. So Violet rarely recognizes her dreamers and vice versa, but they tend to hit it off really well.

Despite her lean physique and incredible strength, Violet leads a sedentary lifestyle. Her strength is just  a natural attribute of Phlebiacs and she does little to cultivate it. If she cared to exercise, she could be a hundred times more powerful than she is, but she's content to take a leisurely walk a few times a week.
She played ultimate frisbee briefly in the 90's, but who didn't?
Violet has loved reading ever since symbols were first set in stone. She can read and write 1200 languages though she only speaks about 50 or so. She's really into technical writing and her current favorite author is Mary Roach. She has difficulty manipulating pages so she was first in line to buy a Kindle. Violet has a bad habit of reading while walking.
Along with the common symptoms of epic psoriasis, Violet also had periodic crippling pain that felt like needles stabbing her skin all over. At first she assumed it was another part of her skin problems, but it turns out it was a nerve irritation stemming from her deformed spine. She now sees a chiropractor who helps keep that in check.
Violator III's elbow hinges are concealed by rubber which also helps her hold her positions. There is also rubber disguising her jaw hinge. I've had both previous violators and Violator III is far and away the best. My brother Jun got her for me on Christmas 2001, which is lovely because Christmas isn't Christmas without at least one toy.
Violet tends to date guys and some girls in their early twenties, which is a few millennia below her age range. Being an emotional vampire, she is drawn to young adults who are extremely passionate or opinionated but don't have the life experience to regulate their feelings. She's amused by people who have an unnecessarily aggressive sense of self. She's very affectionate and caring with her companions. She takes every opportunity to show her love, but she hates grand romantic gestures which she considers displays of narcissism. She's had a couple hundred long term relationships, but she loses interest when they get older and start complaining about the same biological issues she's dealt with her entire existence.
Violet doesn't wear shoes, obviously, but sometimes she thinks it's pretty hilarious to wear a whole shoe on each toe. Her outer toes are size 7.5 and her middle toes are size 8.

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